Happy Birthday June Babies

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Ahhhhh...June! I love the summer just NOT the bugs! No complaining here! June is a very busy month with weddings and well...summer! I wanted to give our "June Babies" a birthday present. Take 15% on your purchases this month when you shop our online natural and organic boutique. Use code 6BDAY. We appreciate you being born!!

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Happy New Year!

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Another year has come and gone, and what better time than now to reminisce and rejoice about the happenings of the past year? We know most people make resolutions, only to break them before January 2nd has even started, so for 2015 we've decided to keep things simple.. and realistic.. because we're all realists here. Our one and only goal for 2015 is... to make all our customers happy at all costs. We can't begin to tell you how much we appreciate your support, and sincrerely can't wait for more chances in the upcoming year to bring you more amazing...

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Every day..

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Skin Care Products and Heat

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There is nothing more disappointing (okay a bit of an over-exaggeration here) than trying to reach for your moisturizer in your purse only to find that you left it in the blistering heat in your car and it has melted into a slimy consistency rendering it questionable. During the summer months, temperatures can go as high as 105 F here on the west coast (more if you're in the dessert) and regardless of how you did in chemistry, we all know that heat changes the condition of things such as food, drugs, & personal care items. If you've ever stopped to...

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Just Stop.

Take a second out of your day to stop and just absorb everything around you. Let your mind de-clutter with your surroundings; itll thank you

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