Become An Affiliate #HumbleBeauties

What is an Affiliate Program and is it right for me?

Calling all BEAUTY BLOGGERS, LIFESTYLE BLOGGERS, HEALTH COACHES, VLOGGERS, NATURALISTAS!!! Do you have a blog or website? Are you active with social media? Do you promote a healthy lifestyle or other similar ideals? If so, you could earn commissions for every sale your website generates by becoming an affiliate with! 

  • If you have a web site or blog you can post customized referral links on your site to
  • Each time someone visits your site, clicks through to our page, and a sale is made, you earn a commission!
  • Your readers and consumers will have direct access to our full line

How does the Humble + Lavi Affiliate Program work?

  • We want #HUMBLEBEAUTIES who resonate with our mission!
  • Sign up to become part of our family that we affectionately call #HUMBLEBEAUTIES
  • On the 1st of every month, payments will be made for the prior month via Paypal

What are the perks?

  • This is free to join!
  • As an affiliate you will earn 10% commission with the possibility of earning 12.5% for all super star marketers
  • You earn a commission by doing what you love and helping others to live less toxic lives!

Become a Humble + Lavi Affiliate

To sign up, click here!

Once you have your own custom affiliate link, place this link in your website, blog, social media and start promoting!

If you have any questions, please email us at